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Why Doesn't It Plug?

It has to do with velocity. The flow of water through the coiled drip tube is so low that any particulate will settle to the bottom before it reaches the tube.

We recently displayed the product at a national trade show... where, we might add, it got a LOT of attention. Many of the people had a hard time believing this. To illustrate the point, we filled our watering can with about 5 pounds of dirt, sand, and "stuff". We then filled our can with water. We then filled our Tree Camel™ with the very dirty water in the can.

The onlookers thought we were nUtS. But, sure enough, all that debris eventually settled right to the bottom and the Tree Camel™ kept dripping for the duration of the show. It would have kept dripping for as long as we kept it full of water... but, of course, we had to tear down when the show was over.

You can probably plug a Tree Camel™ if you try really really really hard. If you do that, well, shame on you. But, suffice it to say, if you have a dirty trailer, don't worry. Your Tree Camel™ won't plug. You can't say that about "brand X," the more expensive alternative.


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