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This beautiful 9" caliper Japanese Maple (Acer dissectum) has a crown spread of 25 feet. At the last minute, the developer decided he wanted it relocated from the place it grew up, his old home, to this prestigious spot in his new development.

With no time for root pruning, and no automated irrigation, less the spray system used to maintain the turf and ornamentals in the foreground, the contractor faced a challenge.




In the photo above, it is hard to see the mega Ooze Tube that is handling the task of irrigation. In the photo at left, we are standing "inside the tree" so it is much easier to view. In short, we supplied a custom Ooze Tube with an outside diameter of 8 feet, just inside the periphery of the root ball. This bad boy holds approximately 125 gallons of water.





We installed drip emitters on approximately 3 feet spacing, to provide uniform irrigation around the periphery of the root ball.

Overwatering is not a problem because the emitters release rates never cause filling of the soil macropores.

Underwatering is not a problem because we are supplying water continuously... faster at first, and slowing as the level drops in the Ooze Tube.



Not just anyone can move a big tree like this successfully; our hat's off to Mr. Tommy Vanderwalt with New Life Landscaping! If you live in the Atlanta area and are looking for a very knowledgeable firm, give Tommy a call!

If you are relocating specimen size trees and need help with a simple and effective irrigation solution, give us a call. Big and small, nothing works like an Ooze Tube!



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