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Tomato Plants Produce More With LOTS of Water!


The problem is, most people in today's hectic world are too busy to drag a water hose to the garden every evening.

The "Ooze Tube for Tomatoes" kit, will keep 4 tomato plants happily irrigated for about 10 days or, two tomato plants irrigated for 3 weeks between refills. Add a couple of capfuls of Miracle Gro each time you refill and you will be amazed at the results you achieve with very little effort.

It works on other garden plants also. In the photo at right, a dark chocolate Ooze Tube is in the background, keeping several tomato plants and squash plants constantly irrigated with water containing Miracle Grow. The tiny squash plant in the lower right corner, was planted at the same time but not included in the Ooze Tube system.





Quite frankly, the "Ooze Tube for Tomatoes" came about directly as a result of our initiatives in developing tree watering technology. Our Chief Engineer was on the road way too much to take care of his own personal tomato crop. The photo at right shows the first tomato plant he grew on a whim, using a feeder line off an Ooze Tube that was watering a nearby tree. If you look closely, you can see the " drip tubing coming from the Ooze Tube (just below the bottle of Miracle Gro).

This one tomato plant provided more than enough for his family of four tomato lovers; that's what constant irrigation with "fertilized water" will do!

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