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Installation Steps:

Step 1: Your Ooze Tube will come rolled on one stake (two stakes are provided). Simply remove the rubber bands and give the free end a yank to unroll it.




Step 2: With the fill hole pointed up, thread a wooden stake through the slots in one of the end flaps and drive it in the ground.

Thread the a stake through the other end of the Ooze Tube, again making sure that the fill hole is pointed up. Stretch the Ooze Tube out in whatever shape suits your fancy, being sure that the elevation (height) of both fill holes will be the same. Drive the stake in the ground.


Step 3: Add fertilizer (if desired) and fill your Ooze Tube with water. When filled, it should look something like the photo shown at right. (Obviously, your plants won't be that big [yet]).






Step 4: Attach one end of the " drip tubing to the discharge of one of the drip emitters as shown at right.






Step 5: Near the soil surface, punch a hole in the "belly" of your Ooze Tube with the small nail that is provided (as shown at right).







Step 6: Remove the nail. As you can see, water will start squirting out; this helps you find the hole with the sharp end of the drip emitter.






Step 7: Snap the emitter in place. Route the free end of the drip tubing to the base of your tomato plant and cut to length.

Repeat this process until you have drip tubing running to all of your tomato plants.

NOTE: It will take several minutes for water to begin dripping out the end of the tubing as it takes awhile for the tubing to fill. Don't worry, what goes in, will eventually come out!



Now, you have a better idea of what is going on here. The Ooze Tube has 4 emitters dripping on each of the 4 tomato plants behind it. In this configuration, the Ooze Tube holds about 40 gallons of water; enough to drip for a very long time; with very little waste.

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