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A Few Photos of Ooze Tubes in Action.

We help municipalities, professional contractors, and homeowners save time and trees from Portland Oregon to Boca Raton Florida - For our convenience, most of these photos were taken closer to home.

Parkway Planting, Atlanta

Atlanta, Inner City

Braselton Parkway

Georgia DOT Project

Filling Ooze Tubes

Chattanooga, 1st of Many

Urban Planting, Atlanta

Georgia Costco Development

Costco Development

Costco Development

Fits Trees With Low Branch Habits

Florida DOT - Palms

Georgia DOT Project - Hartsfield International

Low Branch Habits

Slash Pines / Roadway Planting

DOT Project

Construction Site

Trees Atlanta, Custom Printing

Ginn Golf - Custom Branding

Parking Islands

Misc. Jobsite

Misc. Jobsite

Seedy Neighborhood, Happy Trees!

9" Caliper Japanese Maple

Specimen size tree transplanted with no root pruning (we don't advise that). Custom Ooze Tube, 125 gallon capacity, 8 feet in outside diameter.

9" Caliper Japanese Maple

Closer in view of 8' diameter, 125 gallon custom Ooze Tube. Arborist: Tommy Vanderwalt, New Life Landscaping - Atlanta, Georgia.


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