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Installation Instructions - Tree Camel®


  1. Pull out the perforated tabs at the top of the Tree Camel™ to create the water filling holes, and discard.


  1. Place the Tree Camel™ around the tree or plant, with the two water filling holes at the top. Make sure the ground around the plant is level, and that all stones and sharp objects are removed.


  1. With the Tree Camel™ around the tree or plant, join the two sets of interlocking loops on both ends of the Tree Camel™ together and thread a wooden stake through the loops.


  1. With the Tree Camel™ forming a circle around the tree or plant, determine the location for the driving the wooden stake. Carefully drive the wooden stake into the ground at a slight angle away from the tree or plant.


  1. Carefully drive two other stakes placed evenly around the inside of the Tree Camel™, with each stake hard against the plastic at the top. Because of the slight incline away from the tree, the stakes should be loose at the bottom. This allows the Tree Camel™ to expand as you fill it with water.


  1. Fill the Tree Camel™ with water to the top. Use both filling holes to ensure quick distribution of the water.


  1. When the Tree Camel™ is full of water, straighten one end of the coil dripper that was supplied with the Tree Camel™. Stick it in the Tree Camel™’s inside wall, about 2 inches up from the bottom. Screw it in about 3 turns. Make sure that water starts to drip out before moving on to your next installation.

NOTE: If the Tree Camel™ is accidentally damaged, it can easily be repaired with duct tape, or a similar waterproof tape


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