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Frequently Asked Questions

May I reuse my Tree Camel™? Yes, you can for a period of up to two years.  Re-using a Tree Camel™ comes with no worries.

Why do you recommend Tree Camels for Homeowners? Tree Camels cost a little less, work great for the size trees that most homeowners plant, take a couple of minutes longer to set up but, are simpler to set up than Ooze Tubes.

Can I join more than one Tree Camel™ together? Sure can! In fact, you can join them together "end to end" until you circle the globe. Some people in Australia have actually installed them in a line, to water in new hedge plantings.

If I accidentally tear a hole in my Tree Camel™, can I repair it? First, it isn't easy to tear a hole in a Camel™... but, if you do you are in luck. Simply patch the hole with duct tape.

If I want more water to flow out of my Tree Camel™, can I adjust the rate of flow? First of all, silly you. You're spoiling your tree. But, if you must, simply screw the coil drip tube further into the inner wall of your Tree Camel™ until you get the flow rate you want. If you decide to come to your senses and slow the rate back down, simply screw the coiled drip tube back out. Why does this work? Beats us... but, it does. If you want it to drip really fast, cut the coil drip tube to a shorter length. Of course, this can't be undone.

How does the product ship? The product is actually manufactured in Australia. We, PQ Partners, LLC, bring container loads into our warehouse here in Atlanta, Georgia. We ship to our distributors in cases of 50. How they sell it to you is up to them but, we do provide a very nice merchandizing display system that can be used to sell camels "one at a time."

Can I buy the product directly from Australia? No. We have contractual exclusivity for ten years. Besides that, it wouldn't make sense as shipping rates from Australia (the other side of the world) is prohibitive for smaller shipments. Then, there is the issue of foreign currency exchange rates and so on and so forth...

Can I buy the product from your warehouses in Atlanta? Of course, this product is very new to America... although it has been used for years in Australia and the Middle East. After we get a solid network of distributors in place, which we hope to do soon, we won't be able to sell direct. Until then, give us a jingle (or preferably an e-mail) - We'll set you up in the Tree Camel™ business!

What does a Tree Camel™ product cost?  It depends largely on your volume. However, in most cases your distributor should be able to have a price point around $10-12 for a Tree Camel™ with good to great margins. If this sounds high, think about what dead plants, labor to water plants, and so forth cost you. Most people get a payout in less than a week. There are other well known alternatives on the market that sell for twice as much but, must be refilled at least four times as often! 

My workforce is largely Hispanic. Is it easy to train non-English speaking employees to install either version of the Tree Camel™? We gotcha covered. Both versions come with simple to follow instructions printed on the product, in both English and Spanish.

I am a distributor. I want to sell individual units to walk up customers. Is that okay? Sure. In fact, we have each unit printed with a barcode to make this easy. We also have a great merchandizing system to display your Tree Camels™. We affectionately call it the Camel Barn.

How much water does a Tree Camel™ hold? It holds a little more than 5 gallons. Wait, hold on! Before you say, "Well others on the market hold 20 gallons". Yes, they do. However, with the Tree Camel™ technology, 5 gallons of water is like 4.5" of rain spread evenly over two weeks. Not too much, not too little. Just right. If you are thinking, "It might work in Georgia but, it won't work in Arizona..." You'd be interested to know that it works in the Australian Outback and the Middle Eastern countries. After you've visited these places, Arizona starts feeling kind of cushy.

Is the Tree Camel™ technology patented and trademarked? Yep. We wish we'd have thought of it also. Thank God for smart people!

Does this product really give additional protection from an early or late frost? On a smaller plant, it sure does. As you probably know, water does not go below 32 degrees until it is completely frozen. That takes a long time. More importantly, the water dampens the rapid temperature changes... which is what really gets to most new plantings.

Will the Tree Camel™ really work on large trees? Sure does. Remember, it's like 4.5" of rainfall, spread evenly over 2 weeks inside that 18" circle. If it is a huge tree, you might want to use two. 

Is this a wicking type system? No. the Tree Camel™ uses a precision manufactured, coiled drip tube that delivers water at precise rates. You won't have pluggage problems either until you fill it with about a two gallons of sand. If you do that, shame on you!

Does the Tree Camel™ collect rainwater? No, it doesn't in any major way. Fortunately, it doesn't need to.

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