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First Test in North America

The time of the planting was late summer. While our Tree Camel™ used for this demonstration is colored light green (because that is how we found it in Australia), remember that North American Tree Camels™ are colored dark green to better blend into the landscape and prevent internal algae growth.

Anyway, water was hauled in two times per week to the "Brand X" product (shown in the background and colored dark green) but, only once every two weeks to the Tree Camel™.

For every gallon of water hauled to the Camel, eight gallons was hauled to "Brand X" and 75% less labor was used.

Scroll down to see what the trees looked like as they went into dormancy.




Interestingly, the city crews also installed some of the same trees on another roadway, about a block away from this installation. To save money, they used neither Tree Camels™ or "brand X." Guess what? Lots of trees died! So, if you are thinking... "Well, the time of year had a lot to do with it... " It didn't. Very dry fall... very dry soil... and trees that were very thirsty from enjoying a wet spring.

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