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Why Doesn't it Plug?

Okay, How Does It Work?

The internationally patented Tree Camel™ technology is both simple and complex. We'll give you the simple version.

When filled, a Tree Camel™ forms a wall of water around the plant. This "ring of water" is between 2 to 3" thick, about 18" in diameter, and about 20" tall.

On the inside of this "wall of water", down close to the bottom, there is a coiled drip tube that is manufactured to exacting specifications. The purpose of this tube is to drip water on to the root ball of the tree, ever so slowly. In fact, the Tree Camel™ drips water on to the root ball of the plant continuously for two weeks. 

Inside the protected circle of the Tree Camel™, and on top of the tree's root ball, the continuous drip is like 4½ inches of steady rainfall...  spread over a full 2 weeks.

Because the drip area is surrounded by a very protective wall, the losses due to evaporation are greatly reduced. However, since the Tree Camel™ doesn't actually touch the trunk of the tree, there is enough air circulation to prevent mildew formation (as is often encountered with other competitive products).

The best part is, under normal circumstances, you only have to re-fill your Tree Camel™ once a month, even though it runs out of water after two weeks! How's that for labor savings? Click here to find out how!

Now, For Some of the Complex Stuff...

Your Tree Camel™ product is not just a plastic bag. It is constructed with virgin polyethylene resin, complete with UV stabilizers, oxygen scavengers, and all the foo foo dust necessary to enable it to be reused for up to two years.

This is a product that was invented to establish trees in the Australian Outback. If it can survive there for 2 years, well, 2 years here should be a snap!

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